Use A Human Tone In Your Website Copy

website copy

No one, not even your Business-2-Business website visitors, likes to read boring drivel peppered with buzz words. When you write copy for your site that’s more robotic than not, you won’t make much of an impact.
So how do you make an impact with your web copy? By using a tone that does two things:

1. Sounds more like a conversation than a lecture or pitch

Have you ever met a couple and the one is so boring and overly factual in a conversation that you lose track and get confused – but then, the better half steps in and says “what he/she means is” and then makes it all seem very interesting? You want to be that second person.

Lately you hear the words “engage” and “conversation” a lot in business and marketing. Aside from being this year’s superstar buzzwords, their use isn’t arbitrary. When you use casual language that speaks to the reader in a way their in-house memos and hard pitch junk mail don’t, you give them the feeling that you understand them. When you’re writing copy, imagine that you’re talking to a person. Be genuine, and be inclusive by asking them questions. Everyone wants to feel included and heard.

2. Be who your customers want you to be

Your potential customers have an ideal in mind when they’re choosing between brands or services. For instance, Buddy’s Tire and EuroAuto (both entirely fictional) are going to attract two different sets of customers. Buddy’s customers will want to hear words like “dependable”, “solid”, and “economical”, while EuroAuto’s customers will tune into phrases and words like “sleek” or “high performance”.

Do a little character development. Your company’s personality in these conversations isn’t as important as that of your primary demographic, but it is important. Think of it as matchmaking of sorts. Make your company’s on-paper personality the perfect match for your customer. Write down a few adjectives about your company that would appeal to your customer and keep those in mind as you write copy on all of your channels.

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