Search-Engine-Friendly Websites Grab the Low Hanging Fruit

search engine optimization

You know the saying, “Grab the low-hanging-fruit”??? In business terms it means “make sure to get those easy to reach customers”. A search-engine-friendly website helps you do just that. Every day, customers are either looking for information about your specific business or your type of business in their neighborhood. Either way, you need to work with a website designer to get your business found! If you don’t, all those potential customers will instead be finding and giving business to your competitors.

Website Traffic Report
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Let’s examine the last month (3/22/11 to 4/21/11) of visitors to a poolhall website we designed for Hoboken, New Jersey’s Willow Billiards. There’s been 537 visitors over the last month. That’s 537 visits by existing and potential customers who, since visiting the website, are more likely to provide future patronage to this business because they were able to find the information they sought. Things such as “what are the hours of operation”, “what sort of leagues can I join”, “what’s the best way to get there”, “what sort of upcoming events and tournaments can I participate in”, etc…

Hoboken Website Traffic Analysis
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42% of those visitors did a search (Google, Yahoo, Bing, whatever…) for some phrase that lead them to the website. In some cases, they knew the name of the poolhall. In other cases they were just looking for a poolhall in the area. It’s a good thing that this business has a search-engine-friendly website. Otherwise all these customers would be finding their competitors’ websites instead.

Regardless of what type of business you own, without a search-engine-friendly website you’re missing out on a lot of low-hanging-fruit. Can you really afford that? Especially in this economy? Contact us NOW to discuss how we can search-engine-optimize your website!