Webpage Design For Hoboken Pizzeria

Hoboken New Jersey Pizza Restaurant Website Design
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Hoboken, New Jersey (birthplace of Frank Sinatra) has some of the best Italian restaurants and pizzerias in the state. And this pizzeria is considered by many to have the best pizza in town. Thanks to its stellar reputation, the phone rings off the hook during lunch and dinner hours, which tends to tie up the staff who also are dealing with all the walk-in customers.

To help alleviate the burden the phone calls put on the restaurant, we designed a website that provides everything a customer needs to place an order without having to call the store; menus, prices, online ordering platform. Almost as soon as the website went live, the amount of phone calls dropped and in-store efficiency increased because the staff could focus more on walk-in customers and order fulfillment.

"The site looks terrific. You did a great job anticipating what we would want on it. And got it done so fast. It was well worth it. Thanks!"

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