Blog Design for Hoboken, NJ Mommy

Original Blog Design
BEFORE – View Their Original Design

This Hoboken, New Jersey based blogger needed a newer looking design to better express a sense of modernity to her readers.

new hoboken mom blog
AFTER – View Their New Design

Some choice rotating pictures in a rotating gallery on the homepage highlights the topics discussed within the site.

Several links on the right side of the page show affiliated websites, lending credibility and substance to the site.

Towards the bottom of the site, a brightly colored newsletter signup form encourages readers to join their mailing list, which ultimately helps to grow the business.

And we built this new site with responsive design features, so that everything becomes vertically streamlined and easy to read and navigate when visitors are using tablets or smartphones. Additionally, WordPress content-management-system software allows the business owner to easily add new postings to the site whenever and wherever she feels the urge.

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