Google +1 Marks It’s Territory… and Soon Your Website

google plus

Google is making significant, and warp-speed, in-roads into the world of social recommendation with the release of its new +1 button. According to SEO Platform BrightEdge, there’s been a 33% increase in Google +1 button placement in the last couple weeks. So you need to become aware of just what the heck this thing is.

Before we examine the new +1 button, let’s take a look at what the heck Google+ is. In short, it’s Google’s new social networking platform that connects people just like Facebook (but with tons of awesome fancy new features that you would expect from the Mountain View, CA wizkids). Think Facebook is too big and too cool to stand a chance of being supplanted? Ask the people over at MySpace about that. But this is another topic for another day.

Meanwhile, at its core, Google Search is basically a recommendation engine. You type in a query (for example “Pizza Shop in Hoboken, NJ”) and Google spits out a bunch of websites that it thinks are most applicable to your search (i.e. they recommend Hoboken pizza shops based on how search-engine-friendly their websites are built. But wouldn’t you like to see which of those restaurants your friends recommend?

Enter Google +1. When you (John Blow) are signed up for the new Google + social network, and you click the +1 button that’s embedded on a particular website, you have now recommended that site to your friends. So when someone who’s in your Google + network does a Google search for that type of business, the search results will show that “Joe Blow recommends this website”.

That being said, it’s time to consider adding Google +1 buttons to your website so people can recommend your product or service to their friends. It’s real easy to do. If you have a WordPress site, just look for the “Google +1 Plugin”. If you don’t have WordPress and want to just slap some HTML code in your website to create the button, you can just generate the HTML code here.

Get it? Got it? Good!