Why Is Google Calling Me? Is This A Scam?… YUP!

google scam

Have you received a call from a person claiming to represent Google or Google +? Be wary. Fraudsters commonly use this tactic to scam small businesses.

What happens is, the fraudsters call randomized phone numbers, and they claim to be calling from Google, or a marketing company that can help you with your Google business profile.

They’ll often tell respondents that they’re calling for one of several of the following reasons:

  • Completing your Google+ profile
  • Verifying your Google+ profile
  • Optimizing your Google+ profile
  • Increasing your SEO rankings
  • Increasing your Adwords rankings
  • Include you in advertising business directories
  • Give you a free website

The phone call often begins with an automated message that asks you to press a number to speak to a representative. Sometimes, the message threatens you by saying something along the lines of “if you fail to choose to speak to a representative, your business will no longer appear in Google searches.”

Hang up right away. Do NOT give them any information.

These companies did not necessarily get your phone number off of a “list”, so it will do you no good to asked to be removed from one, so again, just hang-up immediately. The phone numbers they call are randomly generated.

The company uses U.S. telephone numbers to make the calls, and they use more than one. So be aware. Just because you get a call one day from one number, and blocked that caller, does NOT mean you won’t get additional calls from other numbers claiming to be “the real Google”.

The really-real Google is a modern company that e-mails you before trying to call. People that have received calls from the legitimate Google say “Google” DOES show up in the caller I.D.

Consider yourself warned.