Google AdWords Shows Some Humanity

google adwords

Just when you thought Google had become indifferent to its small business advertisers, they go and add a AdWords customer service phone number… and TOTALLY (or maybe just partially) REDEEM THEMSELVES!

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the AdWords customer service department announcing the new development. “Hello from Google! We’re delighted to share some great news. We recently introduced free phone support for all of our U.S. and Canada-based AdWords advertisers. Now, when you have a question about your account or advertising campaigns, you can find helpful answers online, via email, or over the phone.”

Up to now, Google had not exactly been upfront about offering any sort of human support. Good luck finding a phone number or e-mail on their website. And I can understand why they took that approach. They want to devote all their time and money to building new and awesome features and innovations that will define the future. At their core, they are computer programmers. The last thing they want to do is devote their time and money to answering phone calls from Aunt Selma about why her password doesn’t work (because she had the caps lock on). Google would need a small army of customer service reps to handle the deluge of inquiries.

Technical SupportWell it looks like they’ve decided to put that army of customer support reps in place. Why? Dollah dollah bills y’all! AdWords is Google’s number one revenue source and they’re going to do everything in their power to milk this cash-cow for all its worth.

For many months, I had used Google AdWords to promote Small Biz Makeover when someone searched for “Website Design In Hoboken, NJ“. After growing frustrated with the lack of support from Google, I decided to cancel the campaign. But this latest development makes me thinketh that it might be time to get back in the game.