Reach More Potential Customers via Facebook and do it For Free

Facebook recently updated the way that the news feed ranks content. When the playing field changes, so should your game.

Users now see content generated by their friends well before they see content from your business page. With a few tricks, businesses can get a leg up on Facebook and appear right along with top posts.

facebook business content

First, it’s important to understand that posts that are shared between friends are given top priority, meaning that shared content is ranked above posted content, including status messages and personal posts. Additionally, posts of any kind that are commented on move to the top of the feed again and again. A person need not be friends with another person to see his post if a mutual friend merely “liked” it.

To take advantage of this new system, post shareable content. It doesn’t always have to be about you – post things that relate to your business but that are also intriguing to your customer base. For instance, a landscape company wanting to upsell outdoor kitchens might post a barbeque recipe, or a nail salon might post an article on this summer’s top fashion color trends. The point is to post something related to your niche that people would think their friends would want to read. You already have the reader (and may have even installed that outdoor kitchen), now go get his friends.

Remember that visual content is more eye-catching and social media friendly than text alone. Facebook supports this fact with statistics that show that marketers have up to 100% more reach when using images with posts. This is because users often scroll past long strings of text and pause for images that stand out, whether be pics or video stills.

Social media is like the second grade – the kids only want to read it if it’s got pictures. Include images in original posts and be careful when linking to articles and videos that an image shows up in your post. If it doesn’t, add one.

Another way to use images to reach more customers is to tag current customers in them. Say you have pictures from a recent promotion or event, or of a successful project. Tag people in them. For every person you tag, you’re reaching hundreds of their friends. If you include your logo in the image itself before uploading, that picture will forever be free advertising for your business, no matter how far or where it goes.

The best thing about all of these strategies is that they are a low cost, no cost way to reach thousands of potential new customers while also giving your brand a voice and personality that build connections.