Say ‘ello to my website’s lil’ friend…The Favicon

Say ‘ello to my lil’ icon!

That’s right Tony Montana, the Favicon IS your website’s lil’ friend. Say ‘ello.

There’s lot of cool little things you can do, in the course of designing your website, to further brand your business. One of my favorites is the Favicon. Pronounced fave…icon. The Favicon is that tiny little icon that appears next your website’s URL, which is the address of your webpage (i.e. http://www.blahblahblah…). If you look at the top of your website browser right now, you’ll see a little blue box that says “SBM”. That’s OUR favicon!

Hoboken Business Websites Favicon
8-Ball Favicon for Hoboken, NJ Poolhall

One of our favorite favicons is the little eightball we did as part of a website re-design project for a poolhall in Hoboken, New Jersey. Does it add any significant value? In all honesty, no. But it adds some additional flava’ to the website design and it’s very easy to install so I recommend you make it a part of YOUR website.

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