4 Essential Homepage Features That You Should Not Overlook


If you’re wondering what you need to put on your homepage to encourage your potential customers to engage more with your site, we have some ideas for you. Here are four essential features you should include on your homepage to help customers have a positive experience, improve your company’s digital footprint, and increase engagement with your brand.

1. Clearly, But Briefly, Define Your Services
Your homepage is not a place to overwhelm your visitors with every single fact about every single service you offer. Provide your visitors with a brief summary of what you do. Include a synopsis of features, products, or services relevant to your business that will interest users. You may want to include your mission statement but keep it very brief. When you use more limited information on the homepage, you allow your visitors to ‘wet their appetite’. Once they’re warmed to your offerings, visitors will then click on whichever particular topic heading they have interest in to go to another page to then learn more detail about it and do a ‘deeper dive’.

2. Offer Client Testimonials
Consumers tend to trust online reviews and testimonials the same way they do personal recommendations from their friends. If your business has positive reviews from your previous or current customers, let your potential customers know by placing your best one or two on your homepage. Testimonials build trust and let people know they can feel confident when choosing your business.

3. Show Your Social Media Links
Social media is a critical part of your marketing strategy. Place social media buttons in a consistent, conventional place on your homepage where people can easily find them, such as in the header or footer. This will encourage customers to follow and engage with your business on your social media pages.

4. Prominent Contact Information
Your contact information should be visible on your homepage and readily available to anyone who wants to contact you. Don’t deter your visitors from contacting you. On the contrary, encourage them to do so!

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