Website Design for this New Jersey Entertainment and Event Services Company

Original Entertainment Website Design
Before- view their original website

The original website design for this New Jersey entertainment and event services company lacked organization, visual structure, and it was unclear what kind of services they offered. Websites have to look organized and professional; the first impression is everything!

Redesigned Website for New Jersey Entertainment Services Company
After- view their new website
Following the re-design, when you visit the new website, three things are made clear immediately: the company name, what services the company offers, and a slideshow of the latest and more popular events the company produces. There’s a detailed breakdown of each service, followed by an introduction to the types of events the company can provide for. The easy-to-use navigation menu lets visitors jump to any area of interest on the site. The site is also mobile and tablet friendly, and allows visitors to simply click-to-call on their smartphone. Social media networks have been inserted on the bottom left of the page for easy sharing.

“It’s been a pleasure working with you.”

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