See What An Engaging Facebook Business Page Looks Like

creating facebook business page

Facebook has grown from a social media platform that connects individuals to their family and friends to one that also connects businesses with their customers through social media management. With almost two billion monthly active users, it’s one of the most important marketing tools businesses can use. In this article, you will learn some of the most effective ways to engage customers on your Facebook business page. Let’s use our friends at RoadWay Moving as the perfect example of a Facebook Business page done right:

1. Post often.
Plenty of data exists to tell you how often and when you should post for the best results. Posting to your business page a minimum of three times per week and no more than two times per day will achieve optimal results. The best time to post is when your specific audience is most engaged. You can schedule your posts in advance to try different times of day and so that you don’t forget to post. Notice how frequently Roadway posts and you’ll start to get the picture.

2. Show appreciation for your customers.
Let your customers know you appreciate them. Create a post to personally thank a customer for his or her business or for submitting a glowing review. Follow the example of Roadway Moving, which posts photos of satisfied customers on moving day. Give a shout out to customers for their achievements and respond to their inquiries personally. Showing appreciation for your customers will help you see additional customer engagement on your Facebook business page.

customer appreciation post on facebook

3. Show you enjoy your job.
Show your customers you love your job by posting photos of you and your employees at work. Roadway Moving posts photos of smiling employees surrounded by moving boxes. Photos and videos of happy employees going about a company’s day-to-day business will show customers how much they like their job.

4. Offer tips.
Offer tips specific to your business to help your customers and provide extra value. Designate a certain number of posts each month or a certain day of the week for sharing tips. Useful tips will increase customer engagement and brand loyalty.

5. Introduce your employees.
Publicly acknowledge your employees to your customers through your Facebook page by posting photos or videos. People like to do business with companies that they know, and sharing photos or videos of your employees will allow your customers to get to know your team. You can also highlight employees’ accomplishments or create a photo album called “Meet the Team” with photos of each employee and a short, fun description of each person.

6. Convey the company’s personality.
Each company has its own personality in the same way that an individual does. Share photos and videos on your Facebook business page in which the personality of your company shines through. Roadway Moving shares photos of employees on the job, hanging out together, helping customers, and attending events. All of these combine to show the lively, fun personality of a company that cares about its customers.

In summary, put your best foot forward on Facebook, just like you would on your website, on your business card, or in your elevator pitch. And if you’re looking for help implementing the suggestions describe above, contact us now.