How to create a business Facebook page

How to create business facebook page
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Creating a business page on Facebook is nearly a necessity today. Facebook is huge, and a page on this social media giant is a very important part of any inbound marketing strategy. By having a page for your small business, you can allow your customers and prospects to “like” the page, so they can stay abreast of what is happening with your company.

To create a business Facebook page, first you need to have a personal profile on Facebook. This does not mean that you will necessarily have to associate your personal profile with your business profile, so don’t worry about those embarrassing pictures you have posted on your personal profile.

Once you’re logged in to your personal profile, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Create A Page” link and proceed through the process of building a business profile for your company. You will choose the classification of your page, depending on what type of business or organization you operate. Then, you set up the profile of your page. You will want to include a logo or picture of your business, because this will be your profile image.

Then your Facebook business page is ready to go. Add a cover photo to give character and fill in more information over time. The most important thing is to use your page to communicate with your followers. You can post statuses, share photos or videos and comment on the things your followers post. Basically use it as a marketing tool to communicate with your clients in this new medium.

Still confused? Contact us for help. Or request a quote to build your page.