Pros and Cons of Parallax Website Design

parallax website design

The term parallax website design refers to a new trend of single-page websites that offer visitors a more engaging functionality and graphics experience than a standard multi-page website. The different layers of the background images would move slower than the foreground images and as a result the background would seem far deeper or away.

The design takes a story-telling approach guiding the site visitors by the background of the website moving at a different speed from the other parts of the page. This creates an impressive visual effect. Think of it like playing the original Super Mario Bros. video game and the background keeps scrolling left to right as Mario moves through the board. Parallax design is a lot like that, just with a vertical scrolling background.

Users get that ‘Wow’ impression when they visit a site that has been subjected to an astute use of this form of design. As a result, they are likely to stay on that site without bouncing back to other sites. And when more people visit your site for longer, Google higher Google will rank your site.

Parallax design is also known to be effective at provoking curiosity and directing visitors to effective and subtle calls to action.

Additionally, site visitors are also likely to consider the website more credible given an innovative viewing experience.


SEO Concerns
Because Parallax design typically products an extensive single page website, a lot of search-engine-optimization (SEO) tools have been thrown into that one long page, which traditionally would be spread out to several pages, and that is extremely unfavorable to the site’s search engine optimization and speed of loading.

Slow load speed
When all the text and content and pictures and video are combined into one page of a website, it becomes difficult for your web browser to quickly load the page. Slow load speed is another factor that can harm your site’s SEO.

No internal linking
There is no internal page linking within the entire website with this kind of design. A single URL is used for all the content in the website which means a reduced search-ability. Search engines will index just one page on their search results. Again, another SEO red flag.

If search-engine-optimization is NOT a concern, and you’re running some sort of marketing campaign that will drive traffic to your site via other means, than Parallax design may be an advantageous way to really create a slick visual experience for your visitors. However if you need those search-engine visitors, then it’s probably not the best solution.