5 Free Tactics Learn Your Competitors’ Internet Marketing Playbooks

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Knowing your competition’s online marketing methods can help you discover new ways to connect with your own customers, learn new methods of customer retention, and use data to improve your marketing plan.

If you want to know what your competition is doing, you can find out using a variety of free methods. Here’s 5 free tactics you can take:

1. Identify Keywords
You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to discover your keywords – and your competitors’. Bear in mind, this tool is only available to Google AdWords clients. But there’s other options to find your keywords if you are not running an AdWords campaign. For instance, if you type your keywords into the Google search engine, you can find out which companies are highly ranked for those same keywords. They will show up in the ads at the top of the search results page as well as in the search results themselves. Make a list of companies and key phrases associated with each one. If you would like to find local competitors, type “near me” at the end of your search.

2. Sign Up For Google Alerts
Setup a Google alert using the name of a competitor’s website so that receive an email notice whenever that competitor creates new content for their website. You can then use this information to adjust your own content.

3. Follow Your Competitors’ Social Media Accounts
This will help you learn what sort of content your competitors are producing for their followers/fans and how responsive their followers are to that content.

4. Read Your Competitors’ Blog Posts

Straight from the horse’s mouth – see what sort of topics your competitors are writing about to attract more visitors to their website.

5. Newsletter Subscriptions
If you competitors have newsletter signup forms on their website, sign up using an alias email address and see what sort of content they’re sending to their clients’ inboxes.

These methods should help you gain valuable insight into your competition and increase your ability to compete effectively.