Why is Chrome warning about http sites?

http warning in chrome browser

Google’s ‘Chrome’ browser is one of the most popular web browsers out there. So a ton of people that visit YOUR website are viewing your site in a Chrome browser.

Separately, if you look atop your web browser, you’ll see that your website probably says “http://www.website.com” as opposed to “https://www.website.com”. Notice the http vs the httpS.

With the release of Chrome 68, they’ll be showing a unsecure warning message to your website visitors if your site is still using http and not https.

The reason that Chrome (and probably pretty soon the other browsers too) will be warning visitors to sites with just http is simple: http is less secure than https. An additional security product called an ‘SSL certificate’ needs to be purchased and applied to your site to make it https. You can Google what an SSL certificate is, but basically it adds a strong layer of security.

If you do NOT make the transition, you can expect less website visitors and therefore less business because:
1. Scared visitors – NOBODY wants to see a security warning when they enter your website. They will be frightened and immediately leave for fear of infecting their computer.
2. Decreased Google ranking – Google does NOT want to send visitors to your website if your site is less secure than your competitors. So Google will most likely reduce your site’s rank.

Chrome is trying to encourage website owners to tighten up their security so we can all enjoy a more secure internet. And they’re saying these changes should be made in the very near future before Chrome starts warning visitors in January. And the implications could be bad for your business if you don’t follow their prescription.

I hope I did not get too technical for anyone. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions are would like a price quote for installation.