Why Is Google Chrome Going To Block Flash

flash blocked in chrome

Google Chrome is going to stop supporting Flash this September in favor of HTML5. What does that mean to you? Well, if your website uses vector graphics or videos, it means a lot.

Flash and HTML5 are what make it possible for your website to show high quality graphics and to play videos. If you want those things, you can’t do without one of those two.

If your site uses Flash, come September, your site visitors may not see your cool graphics or videos – and if they do, they’ll be slow to load after forcing the user to “enable Flash”.

Additionally, most Apple users may not be seeing them now because Apple doesn’t allow Flash on mobile devices or tablets – only on the Macintosh PC.

So why is Google Chrome doing this? Because mobile and tablet users need websites to load faster. Flash loads using Adobe Flash Player, which is proprietary and works from your device, while HTML5 is non-proprietary and works on all operating systems and web standards. Because HTML5 works for everyone and is not run through something else, it is less of a hassle and loads quicker.

HTML5 is run by a committee rather than one single company like Flash, so upgrades and uses fit the needs of a greater number of businesses and users.

This all starts in September and will be fully switched over by December, so if your site uses Flash, now is the time to get started on its conversion to HTML5.

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