A Call to Arms for ‘Calls to Action’

call to action button

Here ye’. Here ye’. Thy website visitor doth need direction. Make sure to present your visitors with strong calls to action so they know where you want them to go.

Add to cart, free download, learn more, etc...
strong Call to Action buttons

A call to action is a prominent message or button that encourages the visitor to go to whatever page you want them to visit next. You should definitely have them at the bottom of your website, but it’s also good practice to have one in the top banner too. Checkout this website we designed with strong calls to action at the bottom of each page.

If your website sells goods, your call to action will be in the form of a prominent “Add to Cart” button. If your website outlines your services, your call to action will probably be something like “Click here to contact us” or “Request a free quote” or “Download our brochure”. Now, time for OUR call-to-action!