Website Redesign for Business Consultant

Original Website
Before – view their original website

The original website design for this business consultant struggled to clearly define what the specific consulting services were that she offers. Additionally, her branding was limited because she lacked a formal logo. And all of the content on the page was very condensed, making the site difficult to navigate. She hired us to build a site that was functional, easy to use, easy to read, and professional.

blog, logo design
After – view their new website design

First thing we did was design the new logo. Then we redesigned the site to prominently convey her services, blog, and speaking seminars, all of which act as drivers for new business. On the right sidebar of each page we included a form to submit for the mailing list sign ups and a section to conveniently access the most popular blog posts. By placing them on the right of every page people are more likely to utilize them.

Basically we made it possible for prospective clients to see how much consulting knowledge the business owner has to share!

Thank you so much for such an amazing site. Love it! I sure will be recommending it to whoever is in need of web development services. Here’s wishing you all the luck and success…
-Sharmeen, Glocul Group

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