Buddypress Website Design For Hoboken, NJ Poolhall

The original site for a New Jersey Poolhall
BEFORE - click to view original website design

Even a poolhall can use a modern website to generate more customers. By providing up-to-date info on in-house leagues and tournaments, clientele always knows when there’s an event on the horizon and mark it off on their calendars.

Hoboken Poolhall Website Design
AFTER - click to view new website design

The website redesign we did for this poolhall in Hoboken, New Jersey contains all these elements and then some. Thanks to the WordPress software content-management-system we installed, the poolhall staff can easily update the site with new events in the course of two minutes. No technical expertise necessary. If you can format an email or Microsoft Word document, you should have no problem updating the website.

And thanks to the BuddyPress plugin, we were able to allow for users and forums and what-not.

"I really like the ease of finding out about the events and the leagues. I think the site is awesome!!! Thank you"

Now just think how a professional website, with event listings, and forums can help generate customers for your small business! CONTACT US today and let’s discuss.