Your Website’s Evil Twin! Did your designer account for it?

web browser differences

Did you know that your website can look different in different browsers? If you look at your site in Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Safari vs. Internet Explorer 8 or higher they’ll probably look pretty similar. But the differences get a lot more drastic in earlier versions of Internet Explorer, especially IE7 and the dreaded (oh gosh) IE6. Aaaaahhhhh!

Why does this happen? Different types of browsers, and different versions of those browsers, have different standards that they apply. Sounds bizarre, but such is life. Also, visitors to your website have different settings on their own computers and different plugins and things of that nature that all render a different interpretation of what your website looks like.

It’s impossible for a website designer to account for every single variation, but big discrepancies in the design (often seen in IE6 or IE7) should at least be considered and reviewed.

If you look at the source code of the website we designed for Filippos Pizza of Hoboken (New Jersey), you’ll notice this line of code in the head section:
Internet Explorer Code Written For Hoboken Website

What this code is doing is telling Internet Explorer to properly align different elements and sections of the site that would otherwise be out-of-whack.

So it’s important that you hold your website designer’s feet to the fire and make sure they’re addressing cross-browser design flaws.

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