New Webpage Design Brooklyn, NY B2B Supplier

This was their original webpage design.
BEFORE – view the original site

This Brooklyn, NY business to business supply company webpage needed a makeover pretty bad. The original design looked like it was created in the early days of the internet. They had no logo. Contact information was difficult to find. And to place orders, customers were forced to type out the request, then fax it to their offices. Not exactly a ‘customer friendly’ process.

New Webpage Design Brooklyn, NY Supplier
AFTER – view his new webpage design

When we redid this webpage, we designed a new logo and made it prominent, instantly creating a visual connection visitors. And we installed a submission form on their Contact Us page so customers who had any questions could easy fill out the form and get a quick response. If customers can’t get the information they need, they tend to leave websites without making a purchase. Most importantly, we streamlined the purchase order submission process. The old website’s process meant that the customer had to type out a list and fax it over. Now the customer types in their order and then submits it online to the company. Whab-bam-thank-you-maam. If your ordering process is too complicated, you will lose business to other companies who have an easier ordering process. Customers are always willing to pay for convenience.

“Thank you so much for everything. I know we were pretty picky and difficult, but we wanted perfection and that is what we got. I will 100% recommend you to everyone I talk to… Have a potential client call me if they want a reference of someone who has used you and was extremely happy with the service you provided.”

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