4 Best Practices For Selecting Colors & Fonts to Fit Your Brand

fonts and colors

Customers identify your company through your brand, which includes your logo, marketing materials, and merchandise, among other things. When choosing colors or fonts for your brand, you want to choose colors and fonts that fit your company’s identity. Here are some tips on how to do choose a color scheme that’s just right for your brand.

1. Identify Your Inspiration


Identify the inspiration behind your business. Ask yourself questions such as the following: What do you want people to know about your company? About your mission and vision? Will these colors and fonts you’re considering give people the impression you want?

2. Evoke Emotional Response

evoke emotion

Colors evoke an emotional response in the viewer. What do you want your customers to feel when they see your brand? Colors and the emotions they bring forth include the following:

• Blue: peace, integrity, and authoritative
• Green: prosperity, relaxation, and growth
• Yellow: energy, happiness, and warmth
• Pink: feminine, softness, and romance
• Black: elegance, power, and mystery
• Brown: dependable, natural, and sturdy
• Orange: youth, determination, and force
• White: clear, simple, and pure
• Red: passion, love, and adventure
• Purple: royal, creative, and luxurious

3. Select Appropriate Color Combinations

color selection

To determine color combinations, look at a color wheel or explore nature. Some color combinations work well together, such as complimentary or triadic colors on the color wheel. Nature provides any number of color combinations that pop when used together.

4. Consider Font Styles

font styles

Decide if you want a traditional or modern font. Serif fonts are more traditional. These fonts have small lines extending from each letter and are generally easier to read. San serif fonts are considered more modern and do not have small line that extend the letters.

Also think about the kind of customer you want to attract. Choose a font that reflects your company’s values. Soft, curly fonts can make your company seem more friendly and approachable, while those with straight edges such as serif fonts can instill an impression of professionalism. You may want to pair fonts: one for logos and headlines, and one for blocks of text that’s easy to read.

Whatever you choose, use the same colors and fonts across all your marketing strategies so that customers easily recognize you. It’s estimated that color increases brand recognition by 80 percent. The font you choose can be vital for attracting your intended target audience while communicating meaning and tone. When you consider the items above, you will find the right colors and fonts to fit your brand and you should have a web design company tell you those as well.