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3 Tips To Better Protect Your Site Against Hackers

website hacker

If you’re lazy, and don’t take any precautions, then you can bet your butt that it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when the bad guys get in to your website. So at the very least, you should consider implementing these most basic security protocols on your website to scare off the overwhelming majority of bad guys…

Use This Google Analytics Hack To Extract B2B Leads From Your Website Visitor Data

google analytics

The vast majority of your website visitors probably don’t fill out the contact form on your website. So it’s helpful to have another way to generate B2B leads from your website visitors. One clever hack to accomplish this is to use the results from the Google Analytics Network report. This little-known report allows you to identify the computer networks of your website visitors.

5 Tweaks That Will Make Your ABOUT Page More Compelling

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Your “About Us” page may be the most important page on your website. The “About Us” page tells visitors what you do and helps you build a rapport with potential customers. When visitors go to your “About Us” page, they’re interested in learning more than just the facts about your business or the products and services you sell. They want to learn more about you and what your business can do for them. The 5 easy steps will lead to a more effective “About Us” page.

3 More Navigation Suggestions

website navigation tips

Google, Bing and other search engines bring potential customers to your website, but easy-to-use navigation helps keeps visitors there. If it takes a visitor more than a few seconds to find what they’re looking for – they’ll leave. Here’s 3 tips to help improve the surfing experience on your site:

YouTube for YourBusiness


Businesses have yet to utilize Youtube, the second largest and one of the most used search engines in the world. Youtube has provided the media with a more interactive way for businesses to connect and reach out to their listeners.