Billiards Digital Magazine Website Design

Original Website
BEFORE – view their original site

This Midwestern magazine for pool players needed a professional website that could accomplish two key objectives: grow their readership by offering free digital versions of their magazine AND offer online promotional space to their advertisers.

New magazine website
AFTER – view their new website design

Ample advertising space is available in the right sidebar AND two featured placements in the website banner. Both locations provide excellent visibility, maximizing advertiser exposure.

An introductory paragraph on the homepage introduces the magazine to new visitors, allowing readers to know right away the sorts of events, and locales they cover. Readers are enticed to return to the site with promises of future additions.

Three prominent photos at the bottom of the page provide a graphic overview of the content of the site, and allow visitors to easily navigate to the section most relevant to their search.

And this site was build “responsive design” features, meaning that all their mobile phone and tablet visitors will also find the site easy to navigate, because when viewing on those sorts of devices, the layout becomes vertically streamlined.

Furthermore, we also installed WordPress content-management software that allows the website owners to easily upload photos, new advertiser banners, and most importantly new digital versions of the magazines.

I love my website, and have gotten a ton of compliments.

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