Best Practices For Website Visitor Retention

website visitor retention

Four of the most important things to most website visitors are speed, security, easy-to-digest and fresh content! If you can deliver a webpage that provides all four of these, you’ll see your visitors keep coming back for more. Here’s some tips on how to make these objectives a reality:

  • Speed It Up! – Speed matters. You can utilize services like or to identify ways that your page can run more quickly. Additionally, if you use WordPress, you may be able to integrate plugins that will boost site speed. Finally, remember that your site is only as fast as your host company, so finding the right provider is important.
  • Secure – If you have a shopping cart, make sure you’ve implemented SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection. This type of file protocol provides security on the web and protects your customer’s data.
  • Keep it Simple – Optimize your content to be easy to read and not distracting to your visitors. While widgets are fun, too many are distracting. Also, remember to utilize whitespace to make your content easy to read.
  • Reinvent Content – Find new ways to keep adding new content and adapting your current content. Not only will visitors appreciate you providing something new, but the search engines will reward your uniqueness too.