Animal Adoption & Rescue Webpage Remodel

ARRF Original Website
View their original site.

This Mississippi non-profit animal rescue needed their website redesigned with a fresh, sleek, and search-engine-optimized features.

Animal Adoption Website Design
View their new site.

Their new homepage features a large static photo with a bold caption message to help visually convey their message AND to stir emotion, and therefore encourage visitors to take action.

The foundation’s new homepage neatly presents summarizes their mission. And under the “How YOU Can Help” area prominently displays 3 actionable steps they’d like visitors to take.

The site was also built using “responsive design” so it looks great on smart phones and tablets, regardless of the devices’ size. In addition, the site has a click-to-call feature that allows smart phone site visitors to call simply by tapping their finger wherever a phone number appears.

Towards the bottom of each page there’s a contact form, prominently displayed to drive inquiries.

Thanks to the WordPress content-management-system software that this site is built upon, this client has the ability to easily add, edit or delete animal profiles on their Adoption page.

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